Whale Watching Boat Tours from Bonavista Peninsula

Many people wish to spot a whale in its natural habitat, and there’s no better place to do this than from a boat. In Newfoundland, you can participate in whale-watching boat tours just off of the Bonavista Peninsula. To take your tour with a company that has specialized in marine life sightseeing for over 25 years, contact Sea of Whales Adventures today.


Scientific Whale Boat Tours


At Sea of Whales Adventures, our whale watching tours allow you to take part in local scientific surveys.  Not only will you see whales of different species, but you will also see whales that have been visiting Bonavista Bay for a number of years! We photograph the whales in order to identify them and determine how often they return, and you get to be part of that process.


If you’re visiting Bonavista Peninsula to see the historical heritage sites at Trinity and Bonavista, you definitely need to make time in your visit to participate in a whale watching tour. We will give you a chance to see whales up-close in their natural environment as they feed, play, and migrate. You may even get to spot porpoises, dolphins, eagles, and offshore sea birds of varying species.


For an intimate whale boat tour with a family-owned and -operated company, contact Sea of Whales Adventures today by calling 1 (709) 474-2200.