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Lots of Sightings

Gorgeous trips today with a LONG list of sightings!  We saw a total of 7 ...

Beautiful Sun

A beautiful day out there today with glorious sun, 1 humpback whale, bald eagles, puffins, ...
A bald eagle sitting on a tree

Fun Fall Trip

Another fun fall trip today with 2 minke whales, puffins and bald eagles.
Dolphins swimming in clear water

A Fantastic Fall Day

A fantastic fall day today with all the colours AND 3 minke whales, 30 white ...
A view of dolphins swimming in the sea

A Glorious Fall Day

Whale watching season is not over yet! A glorious fall day today with 5 fin ...
The tail of a Humpback whale diving into the ocean

A Fabulous Fall Trip

Fabulous fall trips today with 1 breaching humpback whale, 4 fin whales, 2 minke whales, ...
The beautiful scenery of the sea and hills

The Last Day of Summer

Enjoying the last day of summer with 1 humpback whale, 1 lunge feeding minke, bald ...
Whale Fin sticking out from the ocean

A Fin-tastic Day

A fin-tastic day on the water today with 4 fin whales, 2 minke whales, 6 ...
Dolphins spotted off the coast in the ocean

Another Dolphin Day

Another dolphin day today with 100 white sided dolphins, 1 humpback whale, 2 fin whales, ...
A Whales tail coming out of the water

Fun Fall Trip

A fun fall trip today with 1 humpback whale, 4 fin whales, 1 minke whale, ...