…and then there were FIVE….make that SIX!!!

So this morning when we got out to the area where the sperm whales have been, there was a group of them all together!  Some of them lying horizontal and some of them hanging vertically in the water resting.  We have never seen them all together like this before or this many together before.  Then when we did the count, we noticed there were not four but FIVE!  Not sure if whale five is a new one or one that we have seen before.  Stay tuned!  Also saw 20 harp seals, bald eagles, murres, puffins, gannets, and guillemonts.  The group looks so impressive all together.

173 183

After arriving home, we looked at the photographs on the camera and there are not five whales but six!   The two new whales that were photographed today are both whales that we have seen before.  Cook was last seen in September of 2011 in Bonavista Bay.


The second whale is Polo who was last seen in 2009 off of The Bonaventures.


Polo has something strange looking on his back, not sure if it is scar tissue or what.  We will keep an eye on it and see how it changes over the summer.


It is so great to have this large group of sperm whales here in our study area.  We are really looking forward to watching them throughout this season!

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