A great start to the season!

We were out for the first trips of the season on May 28th.  Both trips turned out to be very successful with the sightings of 3 sperm whales, 12 harp seals, nesting bald eagles, puffins, gannets and murres.

It was a real treat to see the sperm whales again!  We could hear them on the hydrophone all last season but never got the chance to see them.  We were able to photograph two of the three whales.  The first is a whale that we last saw in 2010, Nelson, off of New Bonaventure, Trinity Bay.  Looking closely at the pictures in our catalogue, it is plain to see that this whale has been entangled in something since we last saw him.


Nelson May 28, 2013


Nelson Summer 2010

The second whale that was photographed is a new whale to us.  It has a very distinct shape to its tail fluke.  We haven’t named him yet.  The third whale, for now, remains a mystery.


Our new sperm whale.


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